Top Ten Castles to Visit in Albania

I. The castle of Kruja.

The castle of Kruja is located in central Albania on an impressive rocky peak 557 meters above sea level. Only 30 minutes away from the national airport, the castle is one of Albania’s most visited touristic sites. This medieval fortress is known for the remarkable resistance of the Albanians led by Scanderbeg against the Ottomans in the 15th century. After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the castle of Kruja became the most important stronghold in the war of the West against Ottoman expansion. Under Scanderbeg’s leadership, the fortress endured three consecutive sieges from 1450 to 1469 until it fell under Ottoman control in 1478. Even nowadays, the city has retained its medieval flavor. An old bazaar with a walking street going through it directs the visitors inside the walls of the castle. Within the complex, visitors can observe not only the old ruins of the original castle but also walk along the corridors of the historical museum dedicated to the figure of Scanderbeg as well as enter inside the premises of ethnographic museum where 18th century housing traditions of the Albanians can be experienced.

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